Does your HVAC break down frequently? Or has your HVAC’s heating and cooling capacity reduced despite regular maintenance? These could be signs that your HVAC needs to be replaced. Well, it’s a no-brainer that if your HVAC might possibly die anytime soon, then there’s no option but to replace it as soon as possible.

But if you are in the middle of the summer or winter season and your HVAC contractor in Midway, FL, assured you that your HVAC will make it past this season, then you might think to wait for the season to end before you get your HVAC replaced.

Here's Why Spring and Fall Make the Best Seasons For HVAC Replacement

Replacing your HVAC during the summer or winter season can cause a lot of inconvenience to you and your family. And since HVAC replacement is a time consuming process, you and your family will be forced to bear the extreme weather conditions in case you don’t have an alternate arrangement. 

While the time to replace an HVAC depends on various factors such as the size of the HVAC you want to install and the HVAC contractor’s expertise, the time typically varies anywhere between 8 to 14 hours (1 to 2 days).

Also, the demand for HVAC contractors is very high during the peak summer and winter months, so it is difficult to find an HVAC contractor who can replace your HVAC on an urgent basis.

 However, if you want to hire an HVAC contractor in Midway and Sopchoppy, or nearby areas, we at Keith Key Heating & Air have got your back. We offer 24/7 emergency HVAC services. And the best part is that we don’t charge a premium for emergency services. In fact, we offer one of the most competitive prices in the market.

Another reason why you should consider replacing your HVAC during the spring or fall season is that the HVAC manufacturers offer attractive discounts during these seasons. Unlike summer and winter, the demand for HVAC is less during these seasons, so, manufacturers come up with various offers to attract buyers and boost their sales numbers. 

If you go for air conditioning maintenance in Tallahassee every year, it will help you spot signs of HVAC replacement early on, which in turn will allow you to replace your HVAC during the off-peak season and to enjoy the attractive discounts offered by the HVAC manufacturers.

Don't Ignore These Signs of HVAC Replacement

Spotting the signs of HVAC replacement will allow you to replace your HVAC as per your convenience and choose the right time for HVAC replacement. Here are some of the HVAC replacement signs that you shouldn’t ignore.

Your HVAC is More Than 10 Years Old

If your HVAC is more than ten years old and you have been facing frequent issues with your HVAC, then you must consider replacing it. Some HVACs go on to have a service life of 15 years, but considering the fact that an HVAC’s technology goes redundant every ten years, you should consider replacing your HVAC as soon as the 10 year mark.

Your HVAC Breaks Down Frequently

If your HVAC breaks down frequently and you are spending hefty amounts on its repairs, then you must consider replacing it. Use the HVAC industry’s rule of thumb wherein if the cost of repair your HVAC systemmultiplied by the age of the HVAC exceeds $5000, it’s a sign that the HVAC must be replaced.

Your Energy Bills Are Rising

Are your HVAC energy bills rising constantly? Even after regular HVAC maintenance? Well, such things occur when the HVAC is nearing the end of its life. Get the HVAC inspected by an expert for heating and air conditioning services Tallahassee, FL and seek their advice if you should replace your HVAC.

Your HVAC is Not Cooling or Heating Enough

If your HVAC’s heating and cooling capacity has reduced even after regular preventive maintenance, then this could be a signal that you need to replace your HVAC. Usually, such issues occur when the HVAC wears out because of age.

A timely HVAC replacement will not only help you avoid any inconvenience but will also allow you to make substantial savings on the replacement unit. 

If you want a new HVAC, contact us at Keith Key Heating & Air. You can contact us for any HVAC service in Crawfordville, and nearby areas. Call us at 850-926-3546 to schedule an appointment, and we will be happy to help.