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We are all aware of the importance of having an HVAC system in our homes or places of business. They maintain a constant temperature, so we don’t freeze or sweat excessively. In addition, a properly functioning HVAC system prevents heat, smoke, and dust from polluting the air inside your house or office. So, if you’re looking for ductless AC repair Crawfordville, we’re unquestionably the best choice.

Although having an HVAC system from one of our heating and air Tallahassee businesses is vital, maintaining one is challenging. Yes, it is necessary to check your HVAC system regularly if you have one at home. Because if your HVAC system isn’t maintained correctly, it might fail at any moment. Sometimes your system may have issues because some of its components have been damaged. HVAC maintenance is essential in this instance.

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Keith Key Heating & Air Inc. is a company based in the United States.

We are a recognized firm specializing in offering commercial and residential customers timely, dependable, and thorough HVAC services. Our objective is to keep our customers’ systems working smoothly and efficiently. We even go to great lengths to assure 100% customer satisfaction.

Team for Ductless AC Repair Crawfordville, FL

Furthermore, based on prior experience, our team of HVAC specialists from our air conditioning repair Tallahassee FL businesses has a long and successful history of providing customers with creative solutions and world-class service that surpasses their expectations. Our highly trained HVAC technicians deliver timely and dependable service.

We Provide the Following Services:


  • Installation of heating
  • Maintenance of the heating system
  • Repairing your heating system
  • Replacement of the heating system
  • Service of heating
  • Refrigeration tune-Up heating
  • Ductless
  • Air quality in the home


  • Installation of an air conditioner maintenance
  • AC maintenance 
  • HVAC replacement 
  • AC repair Tune-Up
  • Ductless AC repair Crawfordville

What Distinguishes Keith Key Heating & Air?

  • Employ Professionals With Prior Experience: The most expert specialists from our air duct cleaning Tallahassee companies work hard to give you the finest services possible. As a result, we only engage individuals who have shown a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our technicians are entirely qualified and covered by insurance. They also treat your house as their own, never leaving a mess.
  • You Should Value Your Time: We realize how inconvenient it is to call a professional, particularly in an emergency. As a result, whenever you phone us, you will be welcomed by a kind person who will listen to your concerns and dispatch an expert technician to your location as quickly as possible. Our heating and air Tallahassee businesses value your time and ensure that your HVAC problem is resolved swiftly.
  • Clients Are Given Priority: Keith Key Heating and Air concentrate on customer satisfaction because we pledge to provide exceptional service from beginning to end. We make sure you’re delighted with our work and confidence in it, and we don’t consider the job done until you’re happy. We promise to deliver on quality with every service call.

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We prioritize your overall home comfort at Keith Key Heating and Air. We only use safe, tried-and-true techniques that provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. So, if you need ductless AC repair Crawfordville, we’re unquestionably the best choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A ductless heating and cooling system is a heating and cooling system. This unit comprises two major parts: an indoor air handler and an outside compressor and condenser unit.

A ductless mini-split air conditioner is 30% more efficient than a standard room air conditioner. In addition, because the system does not employ ductwork, no cold air is wasted due to transfer in the ductwork.

Each unit has a remote control with all of the necessary features. Use this remote to turn the unit on and off and set the temperature.

Moist cloth can wipe away the mold when the ductless air conditioner is turned off. To avoid mold and kill mold spores, use a moderate cleaning solution.

Ductless heating and cooling systems create and transmit heat and cold via the external air using electricity. For example, the heat pump draws in outside air for heating and warms it with refrigerant. The opposite process occurs with cooling.

One of the most significant advantages of a ductless system is providing both heating and cooling in a compact space. This means you can keep the home comfy all year without adding additional equipment.

Ductless systems have a dust filter that must be changed when clogged.

The outdoor unit must be inspected every spring to ensure that the vents are clear of leaves, grass, and other dust. Then, in the fall, cover it with plastic before the snowfalls.

If you want ductless AC repair in Crawfordville, you must first find exceptional ductless services. Then, you may put your trust in our experts for all of your home's comfort concerns.