During the scorching hot summers, Tallahassee, FL, USA gets hit hard, bringing in air conditioning as a necessity. Get air conditioner repair in Tallahassee, FL.
If you let your HVAC system break down and don’t repair it on a regular basis, you’ll be bothered by the warmth, sweat, and humidity. So it is advisable to overhaul your unit the day you face an issue without any delays.
All you have to do is find the perfect company that understands your dilemmas and proposes quality assistance to untangle them.
However, if it’s too late for you now, an HVAC contractor in Midway, FL delivers a decent air conditioner repair in Tallahassee. We also cater to large-scale and small-scale commercial groups. A firm’s fundamental priority should be the services they furnish, and we believe just that.
We are a family-owned and operated company since 1991. We take pride in our endeavor and fulfilling the client’s necessities. Our machinists value goodness, and decent job ethics, and guarantee that our clients are appropriately looked after. We install and service all models of heating and air Tallahassee systems from residential to light commercial. We assist Wakulla, Leon, and Franklin Counties. Your customer experience and fulfillment are our prime prerogative.
Our family is devoted to providing quality HVAC assistance, even after years of reliable service. We positively recognize our town’s loyalty to our business, believing in us with all their HVAC rehabilitation, installations, and tune-ups.



We deliver good services to you by utilizing modern procedures and types of equipment. Our specialists will ensure that more AC turmoils in the future won’t affect you.

If you search for the best-in-class AC repair in Tallahassee, Keith Key is the most practical option. We are available to take your calls at any time of the day and help you repair the AC as quickly and efficiently as possible.

AC Repair in Tallahassee, Crawfordville, FL

We deliver a large assortment of AC service in Tallahassee, FL, including:

  • AC service and inspection
  • Air Conditioning Services in Tallahassee, FL
  • Top AC installation and maintenance.
  • AC repair and replacement.
  • Air Conditioning Crawfordville
  • AC tune-up.
  • Emergency AC repair
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • AC Repair in Tallahassee, Crawfordville, FL


The quality of our service is such that your air conditioner won’t encounter any more problems in the future. Our specialists utilize modern equipment and procedures to fix your system, due to which our job is done before the time promised.


It is always advisable to get your system serviced and maintained at least twice a year. Regular maintenance ensures smooth functioning of your Air conditioner. It also expands the lifespan of the system by 2-3 years.
Regular maintenance also minimizes the chances of constant breakdowns and replacements. The cost you incur on maintenance is lesser than the money you would spend on the repairs.


The seer calculator feature on our website helps you choose the ideal cooling system for your home. Our professionals help you choose the best air conditioners according to your budget. Then, they arrive at your home and install the system in the perfect place such that it will cool down your entire space during the sizzling heat of summer. So contact us for AC installation in Midway.


If any component of your air conditioner has gone out of order, our technicians analyze the entire issue and try to repair it. But if the part has lost its efficiency, it needs to be replaced. So they replace it and ensure that all the other parts are working at their highest efficiency.


Getting a pre-season tune-up done is always preferred as it avoids untimely breakdowns. During a tune-up, the technicians dismantle the entire system and clean each component carefully. After the cleaning, they also analyze the entire system and ensure that it runs without any hindrance.

A tune-up must be a mandatory job, as it gives you a comfortable summer.


If you need your home’s ductwork repaired or cleaned, we provide the best duct services and air conditioning services in Tallahassee, FL We ensure that the ducts are cleaned and debris-free so that there is a constant fresh air flow at your home.

The air conditioner at your home is the lone savior during the scorching heat of the summer season. However, an untimely breakdown can cause a great deal of inconvenience to all the members at home. That is the time when you need to look for immediate assistance from the professionals at AC replacement in Tallahassee.

Keith key heating and the air is one of the best companies providing outstanding services at the most affordable rates. We are the perfect choice for your home repair needs. From furnaces to cooling systems, we cover all the services for the HVAC appliances at your home.


We are a family-owned business and have been a part of the HVAC industry for 20 years now. We have extended our HVAC service in Midway, FL, Leon, and Franklin counties. Our purpose has always been to provide complete comfort to our customers. We believe that honesty and integrity can make and break the business, due to which we are always loyal and have good work ethics.


Once you reach us, your problem is our concern from that minute, and the solution is the only answer we will give you. We immediately send the best technician from our crew to mend your AC and ensure that you no longer face inconvenience. Our technicians are versatile enough in their approach, from small jobs such as air duct cleaning in Tallahassee to major ones like installations and replacements. We do all of it with the utmost perfection.


Keith key heating and air has become a big name in the industry due to the provision of excellent customer service, which includes,


We include highly competent and experienced machinists who have been fixing AC problems in Tallahassee for years. And providing premium AC service in Tallahassee, FL and nearby areas.


At Keith Key, you can attain all the assistance at the most decent and moral rates with absolute clarity and integrity.


For us, the satisfaction of our customers is very significant. Hence, we leave no stone unturned in substantiating that our consumers are delighted with our assistance and other facets like sustenance, behavior, punctuality, etc.


We realize that your Air-conditioning unit is accountable for sudden attrition and breakdown. Thus, we give you the provision to reach out to us 24/7 and schedule an appointment with us at any suitable time of the day.


We are a trained, licensed, and capable HVAC company and provide our consumers with suitable HVAC assistance for their contentment. We don’t like to keep you waiting; hence, we deliver to you with our assistance exactly on time. Our Air Conditioner Repair in Tallahassee is effective and also for the long term.

We are a capable and licensed company dealing with air conditioning services in Tallahassee, FL. Our team offers almost all the services related to your heating and cooling appliances so that you don’t need to keep searching for other companies.

We neither make our customers feel helpless nor keep them waiting hence we deliver the assistance exactly on time. Once we provide you with the service, we also keep track of whether the system is functioning smoothly or not.


With more than 20 years of experience, we have gained expertise in every service we provide. In addition, we have the best crew on board who are well-trained with onboard experience for dealing with all the HVAC models.

They serve their customers with patience and complete honesty, due to which we always have positive feedback regarding their conduct. Finally, we take immense pride in saying that we have the best technician crew in the city, due to which we promise to fix the issues with your air conditioner in a matter of a few hours.


We have the most affordable services throughout Tallahassee. This is because we value our customer’s money the most. Hence we assure you that you won’t be liable to pay anything more than we told you.

We provide you with the feature of a seer calculator, which helps you get an estimate while purchasing the HVAC system and save money. In addition, the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, or SEER, helps you get lower utility costs after the purchase.


We completely understand that a breakdown can happen at any hour of the day. That’s why we are available at your service 24/7. You can call us and schedule an appointment according to your convenience.

We promise to arrive at your doorstep at the given time and conduct the repair or maintenance in just a few hours. Furthermore, we give the customers complete information regarding the issue and breakdown and give them the required instructions to maintain the system after the service.


Keith key heating and air promise to deliver the best service. For further information related to Keith key, you can visit our official website. To schedule an appointment for servicing, you can ring us at (850)926-3546. You can also mail your queries to [email protected].


Schedule air conditioning and AC maintenance in Midway, FL@ (850) 926-3546 or Schedule Online today!

Frequently Asked Questions

The manufacturer's warranty for an air conditioner usually lasts between 5 to 10 years. Some warranties may last longer than 10 years and are dependent on the manufacturer. A few companies offer extended warranties as well. 

Following are some features that are covered under air conditioning warranties: 

  • Repairs of the cooling systems
  • AC compressor replacement and repairs
  • Equipment malfunctions and faulty parts replacements
  • Installation Warranty 

The state of an air conditioner can be affected by a variety of things. Modern air conditioners have a life expectancy of 15-20 years. However, old air conditioners tend to last for no longer than 10-15 years. An air conditioner repair in Tallahassee, FL, can replace old AC units and reduce future expenses. 

Air conditioning maintenance is critical, especially if you want your air conditioner to last as long as possible. Some equipment, however, must be inspected, cleaned, or replaced regularly. The following are equipment that needs general repairs:

  • Air conditioner filters 
  • Evaporator coils 
  • AC Repair Tallahassee
  • Condensers 
  • Drain inspection and unclogging
  • Compressor units

Regular maintenance and inspections are required for air conditioners. If you notice that your air conditioner is not cooling a room to the amount that it should, then consider the following equipment for inspection and troubleshooting:

  • Dirty air filters 
  • Thermostat settings 
  • Circuit breakers and electrical components
  • Outdoor air conditioning unit
  • Air vents 
  • Drain pipes
  • AC Repair Tallahassee

The duration of an air conditioner repair depends on the status of your air conditioner. However, most AC services in Tallahassee, FL, take about one day for repairs and replacements. It takes approximately 4 hours to install a furnace and could take 3-4 days to install ductwork for an air conditioner. 

Carrier equipment is well-known for its top-tier equipment. Picking the right equipment is an important factor for your air conditioning system. The prices of Carrier equipment typically range depending on the size of your home.

Carrier AC units range from 1.5-5 tons. 

  • A small home that is 1000 feet would require a 1.5-ton AC system that can cost about $4,892 to install. 
  • On the other hand, a house of about 2600 square feet might require an AC system that is 4 tons and can cost about $6,635 to install. 

The type of filters you should install depends on the thickness of the filter that your air conditioner is compatible with. 

  • One-inch thick filter capacity - An air conditioner that accepts only one-inch thick filter can use MERV-5 or MERV-6 (minimum efficiency reporting value) fiberglass or pleated filters. These filters are about 25 percent effective. 
  • More than one-inch filter capacity - An air conditioning system that can accommodate more than a one-inch thick filter can use a MERV-11 filter that is around 85 percent effective.