Ductless AC Installation in Crawfordville, Tallahassee, Sopchoppy, Woodville, FL, and Surrounding Areas


Energy and Eco-Efficient Ductless AC system


When choosing a home-cooling system that elevates your energy savings and reduces your footprint. Ductless Air conditioning units are a great green and most innovative option available. This standard whole-home AC unit will let you cool your entire room without any extensive ductwork. 


We at Keith Key Heating and Air assure flawless ductless AC replacement in Woodville, FL assuring to keep your home at a comfortable temperature all day long. 


What is a Ductless Air Conditioner?


Ductless AC Installation Crawfordville, FL

Ductless Air Conditioning System is known for its great efficiency, versatility, peaceful operation. And exceptional flexible features, which are superior to traditional ducted systems in many ways. A central AC system generally drives air through ductwork and then to living spaces. At the same time, the ductless air conditioner is a small device mounted on the interior walls that drives cool air directly into your home.


Also known as Mini-splits, these models can heat and cool your home as per your preferences. At Keith Key, we perform in-home good quality services, including air conditioning repair, Crawfordville, exploring all your problems and needs to assure complete customer satisfaction.


What are the benefits of Ductless AC?


Ductless AC Installation in Crawfordville, FL, is one of the popular and reliable sources for cooling your home without facing any hassles or expense ductwork installation. It not only lowers to a month to monthly electric costs but also extends the lifespan of the system. 


Some other benefits of a Ductless AC unit include.


Simple Installation 


Installing a ductless Air conditioning system is an easy process. That can be completed within one day with minimal effort and routine.


Enhanced Efficiency 


Unlike the ductwork AC, which contributes to poor efficiency, installing a ductless air conditioning system is less intrusive. Which ensures to remove prevent the air loss, aiding in peak performance and efficiency, increasing up to the rate of 30 SEER.


Increased Comfort 


You can customize the temperature, specific to each room or zone. That suit your exact requirements with the presence of multiple indoor units. Moreover, since they can be installed in a different location within a room. You can have a wide array of options for interior design aesthetics.


Adjustable Settings 


The settings in the Ductless AC system are easy to adjust since most of the units are supported by remote control. It means you can conveniently modify the settings of your AC just with a click of a button.


Good Indoor Air Quality 


A traditional AC model cannot purify your indoor air. However, A ductless AC unit is designed with a multiple filtration system to reduce the number of dust, pollen, and allergen particles in your home. This will allow you to breathe fresher and easier, helping you to lead a life with better health.


Cost-Efficient –  


Besides saving the environment from negative impacts, Ductless AC systems enable you to reduce your energy bill by allowing you to cool down a specific room rather than the whole home.


At Keith Key Heating and Air, we ensure to keep up the efficiency of your air conditioning system to keep you cool and in comfort. We deliver comprehensive services, including maintenance, air conditioning repair Tallahassee for your existing system.


Choose the best professionals for your Ductless AC Installation in Crawfordville, FL.

Installing a ductless AC system for your home is the best solution; nevertheless, they are also susceptible to wear and tear over time. The perfect way to avoid undesirable failures is by scheduling regular maintenance and performing a comprehensive cleaning to rectify any issues and swap out your filters.


Every customer has unique needs when it comes to ductless air conditioning systems. Whether you want to enhance your existing ductless air conditioning system or want a new one to be installed with no ductwork, Keith Key Heating and Air offers a complete service of AC service Crawfordville, ensuring to meet your specific needs with precision.


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