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Heating devices are essential home equipment to keep you warm and comfortable during winter. At Keith Key Heating & Air, we have more than 30 years of experience installing, repairing, and replacing every heating device, so families like you can relax during the cold seasons. With a team of dedicated and expert HVAC technicians, we have been providing top-notch heating services, including furnace services in Tallahassee and Crawfordville, and surrounding areas. Our HVAC contractors devote their heart, soul, and mind when your comfort is at stake due to a malfunctioning or broken heat pump.  The heating and AC service Tallahassee FL by expert technicians is quite trustworthy.

We Service All Brands and Models of Heating Devices

Our HVAC contractors are authorized to deal with all the major brands and models of heat pumps and other heating devices. They have an in-depth knowledge of the field and enough experience with traditional and modern heating devices’ working mechanisms. They are well-equipped technicians who use modern tools and proven technologies required for furnace repair services in Tallahassee and Crawfordville, FL. With Keith Key Heating & Air, you can be sure your system will start running at its peak efficiency in no time.

A Complete Range of Furnace Services in Tallahassee 

We are our one-stop solution for all your heating needs. And we provide a complete range of heating services that you may require during winter such as:

Heat Pump Installation

Every heat pump has a lifespan. Over time, the efficiency and effectiveness of your heat pump deteriorate. Whether you want to install a new heat pump or replace your existing equipment, we provide you with both services. While regular maintenance and heat pump repair can extend your device’s life, sometimes a new heat pump installation is the only option you have.

Our experienced technician diagnoses the problems with your heat pump and makes the best recommendation for you.

Heat Pump Repair

Either your heat pump has stopped working suddenly, or the device is not turning on at all, your heating equipment can face many other problems. Our experienced technician arrives at your home as soon as possible to diagnose the issues and make recommendations and heat pump repair Tallahassee on time.

Heat Pump Tune-Up

Heat pump tune-up is a simple yet effective way to boost your heat pump’s efficiency. This value for money service can make your system as efficient as a new one in the blink of an eye. We suggest a tune-up of your heating device for better performance during low-temperature days. Additionally, heat pump tune-up services keep your manufacturer’s warranty intact.

Why We Are the Most Trusted Service Provider of Furnace Services Near You? 

While you expect your system to start working at its peak efficiency after undergoing a furnace service, we try to provide you a little more than that. We indeed work hard to outrank our competitors, but many other things make us stand out. We:

  • Hire technicians with more than ten years of experience
  • Provide 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Back our services with a warranty
  • Keep our technicians covered by insurance
  • Perform background and drug tests before hiring

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