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AC Replacement Tallahassee

It isn’t easy to think of something that can provide more comfort than an AC. Especially in the peak summer season, AC is something that keeps you and your family comfortable day in and day out. However, unfortunately, this gives you a responsibility to take care of your system to prevent it from damaging. Regular use starts making the system dirty, which leads to more significant problems that call for repair if not cleaned. If neglected, this leaves you with no choice but to get an AC replacement in Tallahassee

However, it is also essential to understand that your AC might need a replacement even after ensuring regular maintenance and repairs because no amount of repairs can prolong the AC’s natural life span. You can extend it by a few years, but that’s it. 

If, even after countless repairs and paying extremely high electricity bills, nothing seems to be set back in place, it is time to understand that you need to go for an AC replacement in Tallahassee. It is essential to carefully choose your service provider because, more than the brand, the quality of AC installation matters. Once you choose AC installation in Tallahassee FL, we will ensure that complete guidance is provided to get an efficient AC according to your needs at a feasible rate. 

Key Indicators that AC Replacement is Necessary

  • Age of the AC: The average lifespan of an AC is between 10 to 15 years. If your AC is older than this, it’s time to consider a replacement. Older ACs are less energy-efficient and require frequent repairs, leading to high energy bills.
  • Frequent Breakdowns: If your AC unit is frequently breaking down and requiring repairs, it’s a sign that it’s time to replace it. Frequent repairs can be expensive, and replacing the air conditioning unit is more cost-effective.
  • High Energy Bills: If you’ve noticed a sudden increase in your energy bills, it’s time to check your AC’s efficiency. Older air conditioners are less energy-efficient and require more power to cool your home, leading to higher energy bills.
  • Poor Air Quality: If your air conditioner is not providing good air quality, it’s time to replace it. Poor air quality can cause respiratory problems and allergies.
  • Inconsistent Cooling: If your air conditioning unit does not provide consistent cooling, it’s time to consider replacing it. Inconsistent cooling can be due to a faulty AC or improper sizing, leading to discomfort and inconvenience.

If you find any of these signs, give Keith Key Heating & Air a call, and we can help you determine if an AC replacement or repair is the best option for you in Crawfordville, and Tallahassee, FL.

What services do we provide?

  • AC replacement
  • Air Conditioning installation
  • AC Repair & Maintenance 
  • HVAC tune-up
  • Heating installation
  • Ductless AC & heating servicing and tune-up 
  • Heating repair
  • Ductless AC & heating repair
  • Heating replacement
  • Heating servicing and tune-up
  • Ductless AC & heating installation
  • Ductless AC & heating replacement

AC Replacement In Crawfordville, FL

Why are our customers always happy with us?

We have been a family-owned and operated HVAC service provider in the business for almost three decades now. These years have given us immense experience, exposure, and an understanding that has helped us build our core customer satisfaction values. We take care of all your HVAC-related needs, be it residential or commercial. 

  • Reliable: Once you’ve chosen us, you do not have to worry about anything, because from the time you give us a call, till the time we leave your house, we ensure that everything is taken care of. 
  • Responsibility: When we feel that your equipment can be repaired, we will go ahead and do that, rather than force you to buy new equipment, unlike some companies. 
  • Punctuality: Rest assured because we will reach your place only at the time decided. And, after we are done with our process, we ensure that we clean up the mess and leave as soon as we can. 
  • Financing options: HVAC systems can be heavy on the pocket, and that is why we have a lot of financing schemes for you to choose from and pay at your convenience. 

If you need air conditioning services Tallahassee FL, give us a call! You can also visit our website to know more about us, and book our services.

Expert AC Replacement For Maximum Comfort and Efficiency:

At Keith Key Heating & Air, we ensure proper AC sizing for maximum comfort and efficiency. Improper sizing can lead to uneven cooling and high energy bills. We provide energy-efficient air conditioners that significantly reduce energy bills and improve your home’s comfort. Our energy-efficient ACs are eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint. Our professionals ensure that your air conditioning unit is installed correctly and efficiently, ensuring maximum comfort, efficiency, and longevity of the air conditioner.

If you’re looking for AC replacement services in Crawfordville and Tallahassee, FL, contact us for a free consultation.

Expert AC Replacement For Maximum Comfort and Efficiency:

Here are a few signs that it may be time to replace your old air conditioning system:

  • Age:

The average lifespan of an air conditioning system is around 10-15 years. If the system approaches or exceeds this age range, it may be time to consider a replacement.

  • Frequent Repairs:

 If you find yourself calling for repairs on your air conditioning system more than once a year, replacing it with a newer and more reliable system may be more cost-effective in the long run. Keith Key Heating & Air also offers the best AC repair in Midway, FL, and surrounding areas. 

  • Rising Energy Bills:

As air conditioning systems age, they become less energy-efficient, causing energy bills to rise. If you notice a significant increase in energy bills, replace your old system with a more energy-efficient one.

  • Inconsistent Cooling:

If you notice that some rooms in your home are consistently warmer or cooler than others, it may be a sign that your air conditioning system can no longer distribute cool air evenly throughout your home.

  • Strange Sounds:

If your air conditioning system makes strange sounds such as banging, clanging, or squealing, it may be a sign that your system is on its last legs and needs replacement.

If you need AC replacement in Tallahassee, FL, or any surrounding area, trust the Keith Key Heating & Air experts. Our team is dedicated to providing quality services and exceptional customer service at competitive rates. Don’t put off your air conditioning needs any longer – call us today.

Benefits Of AC Timely Replacement.

Replacing your air conditioning system promptly can provide a range of benefits that will make your life more comfortable, healthy, and cost-effective. Here are some of the benefits of timely AC replacement:

  • Lower Energy Bills:

An older air conditioning system can become less efficient, causing your energy bills to rise. Replacing your system with a newer, more energy-efficient model can significantly reduce energy consumption and save money on monthly bills.

  • Better Indoor Air Quality:

 An older air conditioning system can accumulate dirt, dust, and other contaminants, leading to poor indoor air quality. A new air conditioning system will filter out these pollutants, providing you and your family with clean and healthy air.

  • Improved Comfort:

A new air conditioning system will provide more even and consistent cooling throughout your home, eliminating hot spots and ensuring every room is comfortable, regardless of outside weather.

  • Peace Of Mind:

An older air conditioning system can be unreliable, breaking down frequently and leaving you without cooling during hot summer days. Knowing you have a reliable cooling system that will keep you comfortable all year round, a new system will give you peace of mind.

  • Increased Home Value:

 If you plan to sell your home, a new air conditioning system can be a significant selling point. Potential buyers will be attracted to a home with a new, energy-efficient cooling system, and you’ll likely see a return on your investment when it comes time to sell.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When determining the sort of HVAC system to install, the size of the area, the environment, energy demands, and the heating and cooling requirements must all be taken into account. 

The most accessible approach to staying ahead of any problems or expensive repairs is to service the AC once a year. An annual tune-up ensures that the system is clean and running efficiently and safely.

Replace basic filters every 30–60 days, especially in the summer when the AC is used more frequently. The manual that came with the AC also tells when to update the unit.

To avoid expensive repairs or hassles, AC coils should be cleaned every year in the summertime. Between the seasonal tune-ups of the HVAC system, it's also required to change the filters every month.

The noise levels of an AC unit or heating system are affected by several factors, including the age and make of the device and whether or not the compressor is insulated.

Get the heating and cooling systems tested and maintained twice a year, ideally in the spring and autumn. Also, depending on the sort of filter, change it frequently.

Instead of spending big bucks on repairs, it's time to replace the air conditioner. To ensure sustained comfort and safety, change the AC before the high temperatures hit.


We provide the best AC replacement in Crawfordville to all of our clients. Keith Key Heating & Air experts will always respond as quickly as possible. In addition, we employ professional equipment to diagnose and repair any air conditioning problems.