You are probably reading this post because your air conditioner broke down recently and the HVAC contractor in Midway, FL, who inspected your air conditioner, gave you two options: either to replace it or to have it repaired. And now you are at a crossroad trying to figure out whether you should opt for an expensive replacement or for an inexpensive repair.

Choosing between replacing or repairing your air conditioner is tough, and we are glad that instead of jumping the gun, you decided to research before making a final decision. In this post, we list some essential factors that you must consider in order to make an informed decision.

Your Air Conditioner's Age

The life of an air conditioner is anywhere between 10 to 15 years. Sometimes, an air conditioner may last longer or shorter depending on its maintenance and usage. In case your air conditioner is more than ten years old, you can consider replacing it. Use the rule of $5000, wherein you need to multiply the age of your AC by the repair cost. If the value comes out to less than $5000, you can get your AC repaired, but if it exceeds $5000, it’s best to have the AC replaced.

The Frequency of Repairs

Another essential factor to consider is the frequency of a repair. For example, if your AC breaks down quite frequently, then you can think of replacing it with a new air conditioner to avoid the inconvenience faced by you and your family. Also, even if you aren’t paying a huge repair cost per repair, the total cost of several minor repairs may come out to be more than the cost of a single major repair.

Your Current Air Conditioner's Energy Efficiency

As long as your air conditioner is energy-efficient, you can consider having it repaired. But if your air conditioner’s energy consumption has increased substantially, it makes more sense to replace it with a new energy-efficient air conditioner. This will not just help you avoid a further surge in your energy bills but also allow you to make significant savings if you go for the latest energy-efficient air conditioner.

Your Air Conditioner's Performance

Ask yourself if your current air conditioner is meeting your requirements. Usually, the performance of an air conditioner tends to reduce after a few years. If you have noticed that your air conditioning is struggling to offer the same level of cooling that it used to (when it was new), or if there has been a reduction in the airflow, then probably it’s time for you to say goodbye to your existing air conditioner.

Your Air Conditioner's Maintenance History

As we mentioned earlier, maintenance plays a vital role in enhancing the service life of an air conditioner. Suppose you have been getting your AC serviced regularly and keep track of small but essential things such as timely replacement of your AC’s air filters and frequent inspection of your AC’s outdoor unit. In that case, there’s a high probability that your AC will not need a replacement for a long time. But if you have failed to maintain your AC, you will have to replace it sooner than you thought.

The Technology Used in Your Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner is too old and lacks the features available in the latest air conditioners, then you can consider replacing it with a new air conditioner. Air conditioning technology has advanced in recent years, and the latest air conditioners come with features that not only allow precise temperature and humidity control but also let the users monitor the air conditioner’s performance. In addition, some air conditioners can even be controlled using a smartphone or a virtual voice assistant such as Alexa. So if you have the budgets and want to enjoy the benefits of a feature-rich air conditioner, then you can consider replacing your existing one.

These were some of the important factors that one should keep in mind when choosing between replacing and repairing an air conditioner. We hope you will be able to make a better decision after reading this post. Also, don’t forget to reach out to us at Keith Key Heating & Air and ask us for our advice if you ever face a situation like that. We are a trusted name when it comes to AC service in Tallahassee, FL, and the surrounding areas. We offer all types of air conditioning services ranging from AC maintenance to AC repair to AC installation to air duct cleaning in Tallahassee, Sopchoppy, Midway, FL, and the nearby areas. Call us at 850-926-3546 or send us an email at [email protected], and one of our expert will gets back to you shortly.