It’s a well-known fact that preventive maintenance and timely HVAC repairs can help extend the life of an HVAC by many years. But no matter how well you kept your HVAC, there will come a time when you will have to replace it. Since HVAC replacement is inevitable, the only wise thing to do is to ensure a timely replacement of your HVAC. And that brings us to our first query: how does one know if it’s time for an air conditioner repair or replacement? To answer this question, here’s a list of signs that will tell you it’s time to replace your HVAC.

Signs It's Time to Replace Your HVAC

Your HVAC is Over 10-15 Years Old

Most HVACs last between 10-15 years. The life of your HVAC would depend on several factors, such as how well you maintained it, the air quality in your area, and its build quality. If your HVAC is more than 10 to 15 years old, you should prepare yourself for an HVAC replacement. Watch out for other signs that we have mentioned in the post.

Your HVAC Breaks Down Quite Frequently

If your HVAC breaks down frequently despite regular preventive maintenance, then this could be a sign that your HVAC is nearing its service life. Also, frequent breakdowns lead to frequent repairs, which ends up being a big expense. In these cases, it is more budget friendly to have your HVAC replaced than to have it repaired.

Your Energy Bills Have Skyrocketed

Are your energy bills rising while there hasn’t been any change in your energy consumption, nor has your grid supplier hiked the energy rates? Well, at that point, you require to get your HVAC inspected. If your HVAC is consuming far more energy than it should, then you must consider replacing it with a new energy-efficient unit.

The Rule of $5000 Hints At a Replacement

This is one of the most general rules used by HVAC owners to decide between HVAC repair or AC Installation in Tallahassee FL. According to the rule of $5000, if the multiplication of an HVAC’s age with the repair cost exceeds $5000, it is advised to replace the existing HVAC with a new one. For example, if the cost of repairing a ten-year-old HVAC is $550, the multiplication value comes out to 10*$550, which is $5500. Since the cost is more than $5000, it’s best to replace the HVAC.

Your HVAC Has Outdated Technology

The latest HVACs are not only more energy-efficient, but they also offer several unique features that are missing in an HVAC with outdated technology. For example, the latest HVACs can be controlled from anywhere using a smartphone. Some HVACs can even be controlled through virtual voice assistants like Alexa. Similarly, there are manufacturers that have introduced HVACs that make a sound as low as 40 decibels.

What is the Best Times of the Year For HVAC Replacement?

Usually, fall and spring are considered the two best times of year for HVAC replacement. However, these are known as off-peak seasons, and here are some key reasons we suggest you replace your HVAC during the off-peak season.

You Can Easily Manage Without an HVAC For a Few Days During That Time

If you are worried about spending a few days without the HVAC during the off-peak season, imagine how you would manage without it during the hot summer or colder winter months. The reason we suggest spring and fall for HVAC replacement is that it’s usually not a big deal to spend a few days without an HVAC during this period. Most people do just fine without their HVAC during the spring and fall seasons.

The HVAC Installation Companies Aren't Very Busy

During the peak months, most HVAC service companies in Crawfordville, Tallahassee, Midway, and surrounding areas would be overloaded with air conditioner repair, air duct cleaning, and AC installation jobs. As a result, some might even hike their rates during that period. The off-peak season is, therefore, one of the best times of the year to have your HVAC replaced by an HVAC contractor in Midway, Crawfordville, Tallahassee, and nearby areas.

You Will Receive Attractive Discounts and Offers

Usually, during the spring and falls seasons, the demand for new HVACs is very low, and so the manufacturers tend to offer attractive discounts and incentives on their products. So, if you notice any signs of a dying HVAC, then you must consider replacing your HVAC during the off-peak season if you want to save big on your next HVAC. 

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