The rise in energy prices and the average global temperatures have led to a significant rise in the energy bills of American households. Energy prices don’t seem to be decreasing anytime soon. Nor do things seem to be improving in terms of the rising global temperatures. 

So, what does one do to battle the rising household energy bills? Well, one of the ways is to ensure prudent energy consumption and installation of highly energy-efficient appliances. Since HVACs account for a substantial amount of our energy bills, this blog post will focus on ways to reduce HVAC energy consumption. Continue reading to learn more.

Ensure Regular Maintenance of Your HVAC

If you want to reduce your HVAC energy bills, you must schedule regular air conditioning maintenance in Tallahassee. It will allow you to detect potential HVAC problems that may lead to higher energy consumption, which will help you address the issue on time. 

Besides, HVAC maintenance also increases the service life of an HVAC and helps avoid sudden HVAC breakdowns that can cause inconvenience to you and your family later.

Get the Old and Worn-out Parts Replaced

Old and worn-out parts, such as an old boiler, are major culprits behind rising energy bills. These parts not only consume more energy but also impact the overall heating and cooling capacity of an HVAC. 

Replacing these parts will allow you to reduce your HVAC energy bills drastically. If your entire HVAC is too old, you might even consider replacing the entire unit.

Consume Less Energy During Peak Hours

Energy companies charge more during peak-demand hours. For instance, the energy demand is high during the afternoons in the summer months. So the energy companies charge higher during the summer afternoons. Similarly, energy companies charge higher during the nighttime in the winter months. 

But you need not worry about the peak hour charges because here’s a simple hack to help you take care of it. All you have to do is turn on your HVAC a few hours before the peak hours begin. This will help you ensure that your HVAC doesn’t have to work too hard (or consume too much energy) during peak hours to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Proper Home Insulation is the Key

Like old and worn-out parts, leaks also lead to a substantial rise in energy bills. They lead to an increase in energy consumption as the HVAC has to work harder and longer to maintain the required temperatures. 

Leaks are not visible to the naked eye, and it’s hard to tell if there’s an HVAC leak. So, it’s best to hire an HVAC contractor in Midway, FL, on a regular basis to check if there are leaks in any of your ductwork or your home’s doors and windows. Also, make sure you get your home completely insulated.

Use Smart Blinds to Avoid Direct Sunlight

Many people install insulated window panes to protect their homes from heat transfer. But that doesn’t prevent sunlight from heating a home’s interiors. If you want to prevent heating due to direct sunlight, then you must install smart blinds and windows. 

These windows and blinds have built-in motors that work on schedule, sensors, and on demand. If you are looking for a reliable air conditioning services Tallahassee, FLat Keith Key Heating & Air today!

Maintain an Optimum Temperature Range

Make sure you operate your HVAC within a temperature range suggested by the manufacturer. This will not only help you reduce your HVAC’s energy consumption but will also ensure that your HVAC doesn’t have to work too hard to maintain extreme temperatures.

The optimal temperature varies from HVAC to HVAC. So, check the owner’s manual or consult an HVAC contractor for any HVAC service in Crawfordville, to find out the optimal temperature range of your HVAC.

Replace the Air Filters Regularly

This is one of the most comfortable ways to reduce your HVAC’s energy consumption. Replacing air filters on a regular basis can help you reduce your energy bill.

 According to the U.S. Department of Energy, replacing a clogged, dirty filter with a clean one can help reduce energy consumption by anywhere between 5 to 15%. Regular replacement/cleanup of your filters will also increase your HVAC’s service life.

Opt for Zone-wise Cooling

Installing mini-split/ductless HVACs will help you reap the benefit of zone-wise heating and cooling. It means you can heat and cool specific zones or spaces in your home. 

This will allow you to make substantial savings on your monthly energy bills. Besides zone-wise heating and cooling, mini-splits also offer the benefits of ease of installation, and they occupy far less space than traditional heating and cooling systems.

Upgrade to an Energy-efficient HVAC

If your HVAC is old and outdated, replace it with a new and energy-efficient HVAC based on the latest technology. Upgrade to a five-star rated HVAC that offers the highest level of energy efficiency. And in case you are unsure of which HVAC to buy and need help from a trusted air conditioning company in Tallahassee, get in touch with us at Keith Key Heating & Air.

Regular maintenance can help reduce HVAC bills to a large extent. Schedule at least one to two air conditioning maintenance appointments in Tallahassee annually. Get in touch with us at Keith Key Heating & Air. Call us at 850-926-3546 to schedule an appointment.