The high temperatures of Tallahassee mean extra load for your air conditioner. Maintain good indoor air quality in Tallahassee becomes more difficult as your AC works overtime. 

So then, how do you maintain indoor air quality throughout the year in Tallahassee? The answer is proper ventilation and AC maintenance. Yes, specific general tips include adding more green plants and getting an air purifier. But most people don’t realize that you can work with what you already have: your AC and ventilation.

Here is how proper ventilation and AC maintenance can improve indoor air quality – 

How Ventilation Maintains Indoor Air Quality?

Home ventilation systems in Tallahassee help circulate air better in your homes. Before implementing home ventilation systems, you need to consult a heating and air Tallahassee. Ventilation systems can have both pros and cons. Consulting a professional helps you find the best solution for your housing needs.

There are three types of house ventilation systems that can help with indoor air quality – 

Exhaust-Only Home Ventilation

Bad air is sucked out of your house with exhaust fans.

Supply-Only Ventilation

It uses a fan to blow air from the outdoors into your home. 

Balanced Ventilation Systems

These systems blow air into the house simultaneously, that lousy air is expelled from the house.  

Both balanced and supply-only ventilation systems use your existing heating AC ductwork. But, of course, you can always opt for separate ductwork for ventilation.

AC Maintenance In Tallahassee

Regular AC maintenance can help you improve indoor air quality. Unfortunately, air conditioners are often ignored as possible sources of allergens. The reason is improper maintenance or installation. After buying an AC, you must look for professional HVAC service Crawfordville.

Why do you need AC maintenance? Well, the Tallahassee summer can be harsh on your AC unit. Therefore, regular air conditioning maintenance is usually recommended when purchasing an air conditioner. It not only keeps your AC running smoothly but also extends its lifespan. Additionally, regular AC maintenance also keeps your air conditioner clean.

One way to keep allergies away is to ensure your AC has clean air filters. Buildup in air filters can circulate polluted air throughout your rooms. Moreover, the condenser and drain pipes can often be clogged due to buildup. Of course, you can always try cleaning the AC with DIY tips. However, if the issue is too complicated, it’s better to contact a professional AC installation in Tallahassee FL.

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