When It Is The Best Time To Replace Your AC Unit

Is it time to repair the AC replacement, or will it be better to replace it? This is the question that most homeowners get confused about. Don’t worry! Here is the answer. Your AC cannot run for a lifetime even if you maintain it regularly. 

Unfortunately, like any other electronic device, HVAC systems have an expiration date too. So, read on to determine the perfect time to call an air conditioning maintenance Tallahassee, for AC replacement.

Expert suggestion to replace your old AC unit at the right time

Your HVAC system won’t stop working suddenly if you repair or replace it when necessary. So hire heating and air services in Tallahassee for AC replacement when – 

  • Uneven cooling or the air isn’t cooling as much as it should

A major sign of AC malfunction is when the air coming from your air vents is warm instead of cold. You might notice some areas of your home seem cooler than other areas. In cases like these, if you call a professional for annual maintenance but the problem persists, you need an AC replacement.

  • Keep the age factor in mind

An Air conditioner cannot function smoothly after 10-15 years. It becomes inefficient and ineffective in cooling your home. So, if your system is older than 15 years, replacing it now will save you money on emergency air conditioner repair Tallahassee, FL. 

  • A soaring monthly energy bill

A sudden spike in power bills is an indicator that your cooling system is not operating suitably. If it happens every month, even after frequent repairs, it is best to replace your AC rather than repairing it again & again. Call experts heating and air Tallahassee for AC replacement in this situation without hesitation.

  • You are spending money on expensive and frequent repairs

Almost every month, you are hiring an HVAC maintenance specialist for air conditioner repair in Tallahassee, FL, almost every month? Does your AC need repairing more than thrice in a year? If yes, it is time to consider replacing it. Don’t invest time and money on your old AC that is not working at its peak efficiency. If your AC or HVAC repair bills are above the total cost of a new unit, you must go ahead and replace it if your AC is old.

  • Poor air quality and low airflow

Once you start to notice dust on surfaces around your home, even when you change air filters, your AC is not working appropriately. If the filters are not clogged & airflow is low, there may be an issue that may not be easy to repair. Therefore, a total system replacement will be best rather than breathing poor quality air for a long time.

So why wait for your worn-out AC to become noisy & inefficient? Call us for the best services of AC replacement Tallahassee, at (850)-926-3546. You can also email us at support@keithkeyhvac.com  for other HVAC-related services as well.