HVACs are unarguably one of the most essential pieces of equipment in our homes, and the importance of an HVAC system cannot be emphasized enough. The HVAC systems in our homes are essential for so many reasons. 

They ensure our comfort by keeping us cool during the summer season and warm during the winter season. Most importantly, HVACs make sure that the air we breathe is clean and healthy, thereby ensuring our and our family’s good health and safety. 

But there are instances when an HVAC doesn’t work properly, and one has to struggle without it until an HVAC contractor in Midway, FL, comes and fixes the problem. So, if you don’t want to end up in this type of situation, here are a few problems that you can easily avoid by ensuring regular maintenance of your HVAC. Let’s take a look.

Dirty Air Filter

A unclean air filter is one of the most common problems that affect the performance of an HVAC. The good thing is that one can easily fix a dirty filter. Ideally, an air filter should be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. The frequency would depend on factors such as indoor air quality, the presence of pets in your home, and the type of air filter that is installed in your HVAC.

Dirty Evaporator and Condenser Coils

If your HVAC is blowing warm air, this could be a sign of dirty coils. Evaporator and condenser coils, if not cleaned regularly, tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and grime. This layer of dirt that gets formed over the coils impedes heat transfer and will impact the efficiency of the HVAC. 

Since evaporator and condenser coils are delicate, you must take extra care when cleaning them. Alternatively, you may schedule an appointment for AC service in Tallahassee, FL, to ensure proper cleaning.

Refrigerant Leak

The HVAC system relies on a liquid chemical (refrigerant) for cooling purposes. A refrigerant leak can lead to a reduction in your HVAC’s cooling capacity. Usually, such leaks are caused due to loose fittings, corrosion in HVAC coils, or holes in the refrigerant pipes. 

If you want to detect any leakage issue in its initial stages, you must get your HVAC serviced on a regular basis. Also, avoid fixing the problem on your own and call an air conditioning expert in Tallahassee to fix the issue.

Duct Leaks and Dirty Ductwork

A duct leak or a dirty duct can also be one of the reasons why your HVAC does not offer adequate heating or cooling. A duct leak also forces your HVAC to work harder, thereby reducing its expected lifespan. 

To avoid such issues, you must get your HVAC ducts and registers cleaned and inspected regularly. Ideally, you should opt for air duct cleaning in Tallahassee at least once every year. In this situation the air quality in your area is inadequate, or if you have pets at home, then you might want to consider getting your duct cleaned on a more frequent basis.

Clogged Drain Pipes and Water Leaks

If you see puddles of water near your heating or cooling unit or your drain pan is full, chances are that your HVAC’s drain line (also known as condensate drain line) is clogged. In such scenarios, your AC might freeze internally due to moisture buildup and affect the cooling capability of your AC. 

Mostly; the drain line gets clogged because of algae and muck buildup. You can try unclogging the drain line on your own. You would need a dry/wet vacuum, a wire brush, gloves, and bleach to unclog the drain. If you aren’t sure about doing it all by yourself, then call an AC service in Crawfordville.

Pilot or Ignition Issues

Pilot or ignition issues with your gas furnace can leave you without heat when you most need it. The problem might have been caused because of a worn-out hot surface ignition switch that usually lasts 2 to 3 years. 

Or the issue might be because of a faulty control board than can impair the heating element. A faulty thermocouple can also be one of the possible reasons for pilot or ignition problems. Since pilot or ignition problems are relatively complex in nature, it is best to call an HVAC contractor in Midway, FL, to fix the issue.

Faulty Thermostat

A thermostat is one of the first things that most of us check when our HVAC starts acting up. If your HVAC is not offering adequate heating or cooling, then first check the thermostat settings. Make sure the thermostat’s settings are set right. If the issue is not with the settings, then check the thermostat batteries.

 If the batteries are weak or dead, then replace them with a new set of batteries. If possible, use the user’s manual to perform a calibration test to ensure that the thermostat is correctly calibrated. If nothing works, then call an HVAC service in Midway, FL.

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