It is incredible how air conditioners work and provide a cool and comfortable environment in your home. But what if one day, your AC breaks down, leaving you in an extremely hot room temperature during a heatwave? While it is highly advised to call a professional technician for a service or repair, you can do certain things on your own before the technician arrives at your home.

Try to Find the Problem

If your AC stops functioning on a hot day, you will most likely feel frustration and might lose your patience, especially when you can’t find a reliable HVAC contractor in Midway, FL. At Keith Key Heating & Air, we are always available at your service regardless of the day and time. In case of need, you can trust us for reliable and reasonable air conditioning services. However, you may also want to try to fix the problem on your own, especially if it’s a small one. For that, you can;

  • Check the thermostat settings to ensure your thermostat is on and set to the correct temperature or ‘auto’ mode.
  • Check the circuit breaker board to find if the AC circuit is tripped or not. For example, during heatwaves, AC might trip the circuit breaker to avoid overheating.
  • Clean or change the air filter to see if the clogged filter is obstructing the AC from functioning properly.

Never Try to Open and Repair Your AC

In any situation, it is advised not to open your AC cabinet and try to repair it because tut might worsen the problem. In addition, as you are not an AC technician, you should not try to fix a problem as you can unintentionally cause more damage to the system due to a lack of technical knowledge and expertise.

Call Keith Key Heating & Air for excellent solutions to the problems you are experiencing related to air conditioning repair in Tallahassee.

Turn Off All Heat-producing Appliances

During a heatwave, there’s already a lot of humidity and warmth inside your home, and appliances like a dryer or big-sized lamps can add more heat. Avoid using your oven (if you can) to prevent increased indoor temperature.

Use Your Window Blinds & Shutters

Your window blinds have the capability to block the heat coming from the sun by 50-60%. If your AC doesn’t work in the middle of a heatwave, you can cover your windows with blinds or shutters to keep excessive heat outside your home.

Call Keith Key Heating & Air

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