AC is a great commodity to have during summer. It saves you from the hot sun and keeps your home cool. AC installation in Tallahassee has now become a necessity for every household and office. Other than protection from extreme heat, it also provides clean air and a cool environment at home and the workplace. And the last thing you want from it is to start breaking down. And as the owner, it is justified to feel panicked. If you feel like water is running through your AC, then we have got the possible reasons for your inconvenience, and probably the solutions too. 

Working Of A Normal Air Conditioner

An AC takes warm air from the outside and blows it over an evaporator coil that contains refrigerant, which absorbs the heat when the liquid circulates. And it then causes condensation. The moisture collected on the unit’s coils runs down into the drain pan. And eventually, the water flows down through the condensation line that drains outside the home. So, if the AC is working probably, then it should drain outside the house, and not cause a stick around near the AC.

Fixing This Running Sound Of Your AC

You now know the probable reason why water is running through your AC, and given below are some methods through which you can fix that issue.

  • Checking Your Drip Pan

AC is meant to get rid of humidity from your home by making sure that there is no buildup of water inside the house. And if you can hear water running through your AC, it could mean that the unit is failing to drain water efficiently and it is overflowing in the drip pan. 

If not dealt with quickly, then it could lead to leakage inside your home. Make sure to contact air conditioning services Tallahassee as soon as you encounter such an issue. 

  • Check The Condensate Line And Condensate Pump

An overflowing drip pan suggests that the condensate line could be clogged, and once it is cleaned, the chances of overflowing significantly decrease. 

If there is still overflowing after resolving these issues, it could mean that the condensate pump is broken. And it is advised to call a professional HVAC contractor Midway and Sopchoppy FL to deal with this issue.  

  • Replacing Old AC Air Filter

AC air filters need to be replaced and renewed once in a while because dirt-filled filters can block the airflow to the evaporator coil of the AC., and this may cause the coil to freeze up, due to which the excess water might get dripped back into the dripping pan after melting. So, it is advised to change the AC air filter every 2-3 months. 

These were some solutions that could help you solve your issue of running water through your AC. There are different HVAC contractor Midway and Sopchoppy, FL. And if you come across such issues at your home, then consider calling up HVAC service Midway FL .