Refrigerants are a necessary part of air conditioning systems. But what exactly is it? Refrigerants have a lot of jobs in an air conditioning system. If you are going to be looking into air conditioning services, it’s essential to know more about this type of coolant and what exactly it does.

What is refrigerant, and why is it used in AC systems?

Refrigerant is a material that cools a liquid stream to a lower boiling point than the original liquid’s temperature. The system can remove heat from an area of high temperature by allowing the refrigerant to become gaseous at a lower temperature. As it does this, the refrigerant removes heat and condenses into a liquid substance again, with the heat removed, which is then moved and cooled again. This process allows heat to be removed from weak liquids or gasses in areas where there are high temperatures and humidity, thus making them cold or cool again. There are two main types of refrigerants that you need to know:

Top Two Types of Refrigerants Used in AC Units


Freon is a brand name for a group of refrigerants. The most common are R-12, R-22 and R-134a.
Freon was first introduced in 1928 by General Motors as a refrigerant for its AC units. The chemical was so effective that it quickly became standard practice to use this type of refrigerant in all new AC units. It was designed to replace CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) because they were destroying the ozone layer in the atmosphere. However, since R-22 is a greenhouse gas, it has been phased out for a few years now. Generally speaking, it is an older refrigerant that was used in older AC systems before being phased out by the EPA due to its ozone-depleting properties. It has since been replaced by R-410A, which uses less energy and doesn’t harm the environment as much as R-22 does.


R-410A is also known as R-406A or HFC-134a, depending on its concentration. It’s an HFC — hydrofluorocarbon — which means it has no chlorine atoms and thus doesn’t deplete ozone; however, it’s still considered a greenhouse gas is contributing to climate change. Puron is also known as “HFC-410A” or “HFC-32/22,” depending on whether it contains more hydrogen or chlorine.

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