Air conditioning systems have multiple electrical and mechanical components simultaneously, providing the cooling you expect. But sometimes, there might be issues with the AC due to many reasons, such as loose electric connections or a malfunctioning internal part.

While it is usually advised to hire an HVAC contractor in Sopchoppy, FL, for major AC problems, you may be able to troubleshoot some minor AC issues on your own.

This blog post will discuss the top AC issues and how to resolve them.

AC Doesn't Turn On

It can be annoying to see your AC not turning on when you need it the most in summer. You might try resetting it with its thermostat, but if it still doesn’t work, there might be another problem. It usually happens when the circuit breaker trips, or there might be some loose wiring issues.

You can simply go to your main circuit board and switch the circuit to ‘on’ if it is tripped. However, if your AC still doesn’t work, you may need a professional to check and fix it.

AC Runs Constantly

Your air conditioner will turn itself off or go into standby mode after completing a cooling cycle. It is usual for an AC to run for longer times on peak summer days. However, at that time, too, it should not keep running constantly. If it is the case with your AC, there can be various reasons, for instance – clogged air filters, leaking air, thermostat issues, or malfunctioning electrical components.

Since you might not be able to fix this issue, you should immediately turn it off from the circuit board and call an HVAC contractor.

Low or No Airflow

This is another common issue in some air conditioners that are not appropriately maintained. This problem can be easily identified; when your AC is functioning, you can hear it, but it doesn’t blow air into your room, or the airflow is not good enough to cool your room. Low refrigerant levels, worn-out blower belts, and clogged air filters are common causes of low or no airflow.

As it is mainly related to the internal functioning of the AC, it is highly recommended to hire a reliable HVAC service in Midway, FL, to address this issue.

AC Blows Warm or Hot Air

If your AC blows warm or hot air, consider it a major issue because it is supposed to provide cool air, and if it does otherwise, there can be a serious problem too.

Low refrigerant levels, dirty air filters, clogged ducts or vents, or an overheating compressor are common causes of this problem. You can clean your ducts, vents, and AC air filter to fix such issues. However, if cleaning and fixing small duct leaks don’t resolve the problem, you will need a technician’s help.

AC Leaks Water

When your AC leaks water, it is because the system is producing excessive moisture within the system itself. There can be more than one cause behind this issue. For example, the condensate pump gets faulty, the pan may be damaged, or the drain line is blocked, due to which the AC is leaking water outside.

Low refrigerant levels can also cause ice to form on coils; the water runs outside when it melts. In such a case, hiring a professional for air conditioning repair Tallahassee is always advised.

AC Turns On and Off Frequently

This problem is identified as short cycling. As your AC fails to complete a full cycle of cooling your place, it turns on and off frequently. Avoiding such an issue can lead to further problems, sometimes damaging the compressor. It can happen due to any reason, which can be detected by professionals only. If you face such issues, turn off your AC and book an appointment for an AC inspection.

Circuit Breaker Trips Repeatedly

When your circuit breaker trips too frequently, it might be due to a loose circuit breaker or electrical issues with the AC. Not only can this problem frustrate you, but it can also lead to damaging your AC. As soon as this problem occurs, make sure you hire an experienced technician to resolve it.

AC Freezes

Sometimes your AC forms ice inside the system; this most commonly happens when the air conditioner has to put extra effort into providing sufficient cooling inside your rooms. It not only puts a load on your AC but also leads to high power bills. Again, finding the root problem behind this is crucial, for which you need professional help.

AC Produces Foul Odors

A non-maintained AC might grow mold inside the system, causing bad odors. First, clean the air filter, vents, and ducts to eliminate the odor. Call an AC professional for a solution if the AC still produces bad smells.

AC Makes Weird Noises

Worn-out fan belts or damaged motor bearings can cause weird sounds in your AC, which is a clear sign that you need to contact a specialist for AC installation Midway.

Regardless of your AC’s problem, Keith Key Heating & Air has the solution. Our skilled and experienced HVAC technicians can quickly examine your air conditioner and fix the underlying issues within the promised time. Contact us to book an appointment today – call 850-926-3546.