The components of the HVAC system will eventually need repairs and replacements over time. With proper preventive maintenance, your HVAC system can last as long as 10-20 years. 

Winter is the perfect time for the unexpected, but many HVAC systems are unprepared for extreme weather conditions. When temperatures drop, air conditioner or furnace problems are bound to happen. 

Every homeowner must take care of these issues especially, during the winter season, as they might cause damage to the unit and leave you spending a lot of money on repairing them.

Here are four reasons that will help in maintaining your air conditioner:

  • Uneven Temperatures:

Feeling cold at home during the winters is the most disturbing moment for family members. You might be experiencing some rooms that are cold while some are warm. 

You start thinking about where the problem is and how to solve this issue. One of the reasons for uneven temperatures is air leaks around your windows and doors.

You may also need to inspect ducting and vents for any debris blocking the airflow. The best alternative is to reach your HVAC partner and get it checked. 

  • Frozen Pipes and Coils:

Cold weather can lead to frozen water inside pipes and coils. Due to this, the heating system works inefficiently and leaves the house cold, and family members may feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

To resolve the issue, you can turn off the water supply flowing to the boiler. You should immediately contact the technician for a quick fix to enjoy the coziness during winters.

If you are still searching for services of heating and air in Tallahassee, contact us with your issue details.

  • Thermostat Issues:

One of the most common problems faced during winters is a broken thermostat. A thermostat is responsible for regulating the temperature. 

If the thermostat is working inefficiently, the efficiency of the heating system will also be reduced. A broken thermostat fails to control the temperature levels.

To resolve the issue, cleaning the thermostat might work as a solution. And if you still experience temperature issues, it is best to replace them with a new one.

  • Heat Pump Faults:

The fans and coils inside the heat pump can frost and impact the heating system efficiency during the winter season. Manufacturers have started producing HVAC systems that have an automatic defrosting system.

A defrosting system helps in maintaining the system’s efficiency by preventing the build-up on the unit. If you do not own an HVAC system with an automatic defrosting system, manual cleaning is the only option. 

You can also hire an HVAC technician for heat pump repair in Tallahassee for inspection to ensure the system is free from issues and enjoy the warmth inside your room.

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