When creating a comfortable living environment, few things are as essential as a reliable air conditioner. As the sweltering heat of summer sets in, having a well-functioning cooling system becomes a top priority for many homeowners.

At Keith Key Heating & Air, we understand the importance of staying cool and comfortable, so we offer a range of air conditioning services in Tallahassee, FL, tailored to your needs. Whether you need a new air conditioner or want to upgrade an existing system, our expert team can do the job.


To Help You Choose The Right System For Your Home, Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Different Types Of Air Conditioners Available:

• Central Air Conditioners

Central air conditioners are the most common type of cooling system found in residential settings. They provide whole-house cooling by distributing cool air through a network of ducts. These units consist of an outdoor unit containing the compressor and condenser, while the indoor unit houses the evaporator coil. This system is highly efficient and offers excellent cooling performance, ensuring consistent temperatures throughout your home.

• Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners are a popular choice for cooling individual rooms or small spaces. These self-contained units are typically installed in a window or a specially designed opening in a wall. Window ACs are compact and relatively easy to install, making them a cost-effective cooling solution. They draw in warm air from the room, cool it down using refrigerant, and expel the heat outside. Window air conditioners are a convenient option for those seeking localized cooling and flexibility, so if you need AC maintenance in Midway, FL, and surrounding areas, our team can help.

• Split-System Air Conditioners

Split-system air conditioners are a versatile cooling option, allowing you to control the temperature in multiple zones of your home simultaneously. This type of system consists of two separate units, an outdoor condenser and an indoor air handler, connected by copper tubing and electrical wiring. Split-system air conditioners are quiet, energy-efficient, and provide excellent cooling performance in large spaces.

• Portable Air Conditioners

A portable air conditioner might be the perfect fit if you’re looking for a versatile cooling option that can be moved from room to room. These standalone units are easy to install and require minimal setup. Portable ACs extract warm air from the room through a hose that can be vented through a window or wall. While they may not provide the same cooling power as other systems, they are an excellent solution for smaller spaces or temporary cooling needs.

Choosing the correct type of air conditioner for your home depends on various factors, including the size of your space, budget, and specific cooling requirements. Whatever your air conditioning needs, the professionals at Keith Key Heating & Air can find a solution that works for you. Our team will take the time to understand your cooling goals and provide you with service tailored to your budget and lifestyle. Call us now to schedule an installation service!

Trust Your AC Installation with Our Professionals

At Keith Key Heating & Air, we have a team of experienced professionals who can guide you through the selection process and provide expert AC installation services in Ochlockonee, FL, and surrounding areas. We have been servicing the area since 1991 and take pride in providing our customers with exceptional service. Our team will ensure your air conditioner is installed correctly and running efficiently. We also provide maintenance and repair services to keep your system running smoothly for years. Get in touch today to learn more about our air conditioning services.