When the temperature is goes down of your heating system, every homeowner wants nothing more than to keep their houses warm. You might think that the simplest way to stay warm during the Tallahassee winter is to increase your thermostat setting by a few degrees. However, it may take you closer to higher energy use. Many homeowners suddenly decide to HVAC service Crawfordville when their energy bills go higher than usual. But sometimes, simple habit alteration can bring you back to reasonable energy bills because you may be heating your home in the wrong way.

Here we will discuss five common heating mistakes you make while heating your home and how to avoid them. 

Standard Heating Mistakes to Avoid This Winter 

Turning Up the Thermostat Too High

We often try to heat our homes quickly. But, unfortunately, our heating devices don’t work that way. It takes some time for your furnace to warm up your home, no matter how high or low you set the temperature. Therefore, increasing the temperature setting drastically on your thermostat does not help you. Instead, it raises your heating bill.
Your thermostat takes its time to reach the desired temperature on its own, and you don’t need to force it.

Keeping the Curtains Closed

Our heating and air conditioning Tallahassee technicians suggest keeping the curtains closed during the summer months to keep your home as cool as possible. But during winter, the sun can act as a natural source of heat. So, it’s the best decision to keep your curtains open in the daytime. This way, you can save up to 10% on your heating bill.

Avoid These Common Heating system Mistakes, and You Will Never Be Left in the Cold of Tallahassee 

Leaving Windows Open

When you try hard to keep your home warm and comfortable during winter, leaving the windows open does not make any sense. It’s understandable to open up a window to let in some fresh air but be sure to close the window later. Leaving the windows wide open allows cold air to enter your home and your furnace needs to work overtime to compensate.

The same case is with leaks and gaps on your home’s doors and window panels. Again, call our services of heating and air Tallahassee to insulate all leaks and gaps.

Skipping Regular Maintenance of Your Furnace

It is a common mistake that people make with their heating devices. Maintaining your heating system is the right way to avoid the need for a sudden furnace replacement. Additionally, regular maintenance is an excellent way of saving money. Our HVAC contractor thoroughly inspects your system during a maintenance service and addresses all the problems before they turn into more significant issues. Regular maintenance brings you peace of mind that your system is working correctly.

If you are willing to thoroughly inspect your existing equipment before a furnace replacement in Tallahassee, we can also help with that. Our HVAC technician can check out your system and suggest the best time to replace it! Keith Key Heating & Air also offers air duct cleaning Tallahassee. Call us at (850) 926-3546 to check that your furnace and other heating devices are effectively working this winter.

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