An air conditioner is essential during the summer season. However, you might not know that if your AC runs low on refrigerant (also called Freon – a non-flammable, low-toxicity gas typically used in refrigerators and air conditioners), it can lead to many other problems. 

Thus, it is always advised to hire an HVAC contractor in Midway for an inspection from time to time to avoid major issues in the future.

Due to leaking refrigerant, your AC might have multiple problems. Overtime,  this can lead to the need for costly repairs or a complete AC replacement. How do you detect the low refrigerant problem in your air conditioner? In this article, we will discuss 7 signs that show your AC is running low on refrigerant.

Sign 1 – AC Takes Too Long to Cool your Room

When your AC runs on low refrigerant levels, it will take too long before it cools your room. Also, it might not provide sufficient cooling even after running throughout the day. It will only waste the electric power it consumes.

Sign 2 – Normal Air Coming Out of the Vents

It is not a very common problem but can occur from time to time. It can be frustrating to see your AC malfunction. This usually happens due to low refrigerant levels in the AC. 

You might also feel warm air coming out of the vents instead of cool air, especially during peak summer days. If this is so and your AC is not showing signs of any other problem, it is running out of refrigerant.

Sign 3 – AC is Unable to Reach the Desired Temperature

If your AC is not able to set your room to your desired temperature and runs extensively, never-ending cooling cycles, there might be a problem of low refrigerant levels. If you continue to use your AC with this problem, hoping it will be fixed on its own after some time, you may be wrong, and your AC will continue to consume power that is not actually being utilized.

Sign 4 – You are Paying High Energy Bills

Sometimes, your AC will function fine but reduce its cooling capacity due to low refrigerant levels. However, this can have an impact on your energy bills. An AC running with low refrigerant will remain on and even work hard to produce cool air for your rooms. As a result, it will increase your monthly energy bills. If your monthly power bills are rising, you might need to call professionals for HVAC service in Midway, FL.

Sign 5 – AC is Freezing Up

If your AC freezes up frequently and you can see ice formation on the refrigerant lines, there is a high chance that it is running low on refrigerant. When an air conditioner runs out of refrigerant, one of the most common indications is the formation of ice on evaporator coils or copper tubes.

Sign 6 – AC is Leaking Water

As discussed above, when your AC runs out of refrigerant, it forms ice on the coils. Soon after, when the ice melts, the water can leak out of the system and enter your home. If you spot dripping or water leakage near your AC, it is a considerable sign that your AC might be running low on refrigerant.

Sign 7 – AC is Making Weird Sounds

When your AC starts making strange sounds, typically bubbling or hissing sounds, there’s a high possibility its refrigerant is leaking. While other sounds can indicate other problems, if you hear your AC making hissing or bubbling sounds similar to a gas leak, it might be leaking refrigerant and running low on it.

What is the Solution for AC Running on Low Refrigerant?

An AC showing signs of low on refrigerant can also have other problems. But if it is the only problem, you can hire a professional to refill the refrigerant and set its valve correctly to use the appropriate levels. For leaking related issues, you will need AC repair service provided by experienced technicians. If you live in Tallahassee, AC repair service by Keith Key Heating & Air will be greatly helpful.

How to Avoid Such Problems in the Future?

AC maintenance service is the best way to avoid any air conditioning problem you might have faced. With routine checkups, lubrication, and tune-up, you can rest assured that your AC will run at its best capacity without consuming a lot of power. It will help you save a lot in the long run. Many HVAC service providers offer maintenance plans, according to your needs.

At Keith Key Heating & Air, we have knowledgeable, skilled, and trained technicians who always focus on delivering quality and timely air conditioning services and AC replacement in Tallahassee. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services, or call us today to share your needs – dial 850-926-3546.