Many homeowners often confuse AC servicing with cleaning an air conditioner’s indoor and outdoor unit, which they can do themselves. Whereas AC servicing is a comprehensive procedure performed by a professional AC technician. Commonly called a maintenance service, the process includes multiple tasks, which we will discuss in this article.

Any reliable HVAC contractor in Sopchoppy, FL, would have the following points in their AC servicing checklist.

• Checking Electrical Connections and Basic Functioning

Technicians will check the wiring and electrical connections and tighten the loose ones. They will also do a test run of the AC to check if the entire system starts, functions well, and turns off properly.

• Thermostat Functioning Test

If your thermostat is fully automatic, the technicians will check its workflow. It should set your home at a comfortable temperature and go on the standby (power saver) mode when no one’s in.

• Air Filter Cleaning

A significant part of AC servicing is cleaning the air filter, which helps improve air quality and smoothen the airflow. However, ductwork cleaning might not be covered in the service. Are you looking for air duct cleaning in Tallahassee? Call our professionals today; we offer top-notch services at affordable prices.

• Fan Inspection and Lubrication

Checking the motor and fan blades is also included in the AC servicing checklist, ensuring both are not obstructed by anything inside the system. Technicians will also lubricate all moving parts as a common practice.

• Checking Drain Line and Refrigerant Level

The condensate drain line can clog due to mold growth. Therefore, AC servicing includes cleaning the condensate pan and drain pipe, avoiding the risk of water leakage.

In addition, AC technicians will check the refrigerant and set it to the appropriate level. The refrigerant level in any air conditioning system must be set to a specific level because too much can harm your health, while too little will not be sufficient for cooling.

• Checking and Cleaning the Outdoor Unit

Your air conditioner’s outdoor unit is most vulnerable to collecting dust, dirt, sand particles, tree leaves, dry grass, and even debris. Therefore, AC servicing includes complete cleaning of the outdoor unit. In addition, AC service professionals clean the condenser coils, which directly enhances your AC system’s functionality and efficiency.

They will also clean the unit’s surrounding place, removing anything that can enter the unit and obstruct the smooth functioning of the fan.

Air conditioner servicing does wonder for you and your AC. It helps prevent major AC problems, enhance functioning, maintain efficiency, control energy bills, and provide sufficient cooling in your place.

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