The 10 Most Common Air Conditioning ProblemsAir conditioners are tricky units. It’s a tough job to figure out the underlying problem. Even the best-maintained systems can fail. Services for air conditioning maintenance Tallahasseeare available for customers 24/7 if you spot an issue with your AC. Here are some common air conditioning issues have a look.

The problems below may help you identify the issue your AC might be facing to inform your nearest heating and Air in Tallahassee service and also be a prevention guide – 

The 10 Most Common Air Conditioning Issues

AC Won’t Produce Air

The Fan on the exterior unit may not be working if no air is flowing out. It usually implies that you will have to reset your tripped breaker. You might also have a simple problem with the blower belt, which has to be changed by air conditioning services Tallahassee FL service.

AC Isn’t Turning On

The power failure could be caused by a blown fuse or a knocked power source. You can modify the circuit breaker or consider replacing the burned fuse to fix this. Technicians of AC replacement Tallahassee will help you solve this.

Refrigerant Leaks 

Your air conditioner’s refrigerant levels have dropped; it was either installed incorrectly or had a leakage. Adding refrigerant will not address the problem if it leaks. Tallahassee AC repair service technicians must patch any breaches.

Leaking Water

Another leak problem could be due to water from the AC leaking. It occurs when water droplets from the cooling coil cannot pass through the drain pipe. If the drainpipe is clogged, water starts leaking from the ac unit. 

No Maintenance

The air conditioner will not operate effectively if the filters and air conditioning coils become unclean, and the early failure of the compressor or fans is inevitable. Therefore, proper maintenance from heating and Air Tallahassee service is necessary. 

Sensor Issues

The air temperature reaching the evaporator coil is detected by a thermostat detector located at the base of the control center of central air conditioners. The sensor must be near the coil but not contact it.

Compressor Won’t Function

A burnt wire, a faulty start capacitor, or just a faulty compressor might be the cause of a compressor that won’t start. If your compressor won’t reset, clean the condenser coil and replace the compressor.

Unusual Odor

Overheating components, such as a blower motor or loose electrical connections, might blow a fuse that might emit an electrical stench. In addition, debris in the ductwork or at the unit might generate a burning odor which must be notified to a Tallahassee AC repair company.

A Frozen Coil

This coil is filled with heat-absorbing refrigerants. A coating of ice can build on the evaporator coil when airflow is reduced. If this happens, your air conditioner supply registers may wind up blowing warm Air or no air at all.

The Fan Isn’t Working

Your air conditioner will not chill adequately if the Fan in your outside unit is not spinning. To reset it, press the overload or reset button.

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