Your air conditioner is essential. You may already know a lot about air conditioning systems, how they work, how often they need maintenance, and when to go for AC repair in Tallahassee. But you might not be aware of these interesting facts about air conditioning. In this article, we have brought 15 unknown facts about air conditioning, from their invention to size, implementations, and much more.

The Scenario Before ACs Were Invented

People used to have fans to cool down their body temperature. Ancient architecture included high ceilings, porches, and lawns with trees in order to get shade. Breezeway was one of the most effective ways to keep indoors cool before AC was invented.

The Core Purpose of the First AC Was Not About Comfort

Willis Carrier, well-known for his invention of the air conditioning system, developed an air-cooling system for a publishing company. Its purpose was to help keep the ink dry and prevent paper expansion.

Movie Theaters Used to be the Coolest Places

When you go to the movie theater, the prime public place for entertainment, you can experience great cooling from installed at it conditioners. Back in the early 1900s, people used to go to movies with a major purpose of getting a cool place to hang out as residential air conditioners were yet to be developed. But if you are having cooling issues due to slow AC, Contact air conditioning maintenance in Tallahassee.

Ice Was Used to Cool Down Indoors

Way before the invention of air conditioners, big-size ice blocks were used to cool spaces, mainly in commercial settings. Initially, an AC’s capacity used to be determined as ‘ice power,’ depending on the number of ice blocks required for generating a particular amount of cooling.

ACs Played a Crucial Role in the Growth of Some US States

Florida, Texas, and other states located in the Sun Belt have high temperatures. Living in such a hot environment would have been difficult. When air conditioners became available in the 1930s, there was considerable growth in population and economy.

The First AC Made For the White House Was Expensive

In 1929, Herbert Hoover became the first President to have an air conditioning system at a cost of $30,000.

Chemical and Medical Industries Use a Lot of Air Conditioning

Chemical and medicine manufacturing facilities have air conditioning systems to work inside enclosed places in a temperature-controlled environment.

Vacations Were Planned to Escape the Heat

Before air conditioners were common, educational institutions and even business organizations used to allow and arrange group vacations in the summer to beat the heat.

AC Helps Save Lives

Every year, many people die of hypothermia, heat stroke, and extreme dehydration. According to a report, the chances of dying due to a heatwave have reduced by 80%.

Ducts Were Invented by Ancient Greeks and Romans

Thousands of years ago, Roman and Greek people made mosaic-tiled floors under which duct-type rooms were made to transfer cool or hot air into the room. If you want your duct to be cleaned? Contact duct cleaning in Tallahassee.

Air Conditioning is Not a New Concept

In ancient Egypt, people used to hang damp reeds on walls to keep the indoor environment cool. Almost 12,000 years ago, this was the first air conditioning concept which later inspired many other ideas.


Cooling Towers Were Used For Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Mansions in the ancient Middle East used to have towers standing over and connecting to underground channels of cool air. They were used to capture cool air, pull it up, and distribute in the rooms, which also forced warm air out of the rooms. In many places around the world, cooling towers are still used.

We Can Save Energy Even While Using AC

It is a fact that your cooling and heating system accounts for around 50% of total electricity consumed in your home. An average family in the USA pays approximately $2,000 for energy bills per year. If you are also spending a lot on your power bills, contact a reliable HVAC contractor in Midway, like Keith Key Heating & Air, for air conditioning maintenance to improve its efficiency.

Mini-split Systems Were Introduced Decades Ago

Mini-split systems look new but have been around since the 1950s. Between 1954 and 1968, Mitsubishi Electric sold mini-split systems in Japan and along came Toshiba. In 1973, Daikin developed and sold multi-zone ductless air conditioning systems.

The First Residential AC Was Quite Sizable

In 1914, the first domestic AC was manufactured and its dimensions were bigger than a standard room – it was 20 feet in length, 6 feet in width, and 7 feet in height. Room air conditioners were invented after 1930. Also, in 1939, Packard brought the first car AC in the market that took half of the trunk’s space to fit in.

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