If not maintained correctly, your air conditioning system can also malfunction. We at Keith Key Heating & Air provide you with the best and most reliable service of air conditioning maintenance in Tallahassee.

AC is responsible for blowing out cool and fresh air. However, many people notice that their AC is no longer blowing out cool air. Here are eight reasons why this might be happening:


8 Reasons Why Your AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air


Dirty air filters


The air filters in your AC usually get dirty if not cleaned on time. Air filters are responsible for collecting pollutants from the air. Thus, a dirty air filter blocks the airflow from the AC. Hence, clean the air filters regularly.


Incorrect Settings of the Thermostat 


A thermostat is responsible for adjusting the room temperature to the temperature outside. However, if the thermostat has incorrect settings, your AC can blow out warm air. If the settings are on “AUTO,” change it to “ON”. You can feel cool air within minutes. Call us for air conditioning services Tallahassee, FL to get your thermostat fixed.


Dirty Condenser Coils


If the condenser coils of your AC are dirty, it can block the cool air inside the unit. Your AC has to work hard to blow out cool air through these clogged coils. If you need regular servicing, now is the time to get it done. The professional technician will clean the coils and other dirty parts of the unit.


Leakage of Refrigerant 


Refrigerant is a chemical used to produce cool air in the unit. A refrigerant should not be replaced or refilled as it never clears out. However, due to lack of maintenance, there might be small holes through which the refrigerant escapes. 


Call your service provider to check the refrigerant levels as this work should be attended to by a professional only. Our AC installation in TallahasseeFL, include installing new systems or parts. 


Incorrect Size of the AC


Your AC is supposed to be right for your room. An AC with a lesser capacity can put a lot of pressure on the motor to generate cool air. It can result in frequent wear and tear. However, buying an AC with a bigger capacity does not solve the problem. 


A bigger AC can drastically change the temperature, causing an imbalanced humidity and eventual damage. If you are unsure about the size of your AC, call a service provider to help you out.


Mechanical Problems


As the age of your AC progresses, it can have adverse impacts on health. It is natural for your AC to cause minor inconveniences throughout the years, but a well-maintained AC, however, will not fail too early. If the AC is not blowing out cool air, check all the possible problems and contact a service provider. 


Leakage in Ducts


Leakage in the ducts can be a complex problem as it usually indicates that the coolant generated inside the unit is leaking into the vents rather than reaching the desired rooms. 


This issue usually arises when the unit is not supervised or maintained for a long time. Therefore, you need to check your AC units before the sun hits. 


The AC is Freezing


Although your air conditioner generates cool air, it can sometimes become frozen. Condenser coils can become clogged, which stops the airflow inside the unit. Even when it is not in use, it is still necessary to clean the AC regularly. 


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